History, BFI, BBC Storyville present “Escape from Homs”

By Daniele Alcinii December 12, 2017

History Films, the BFI and BBC Storyville, have boarded filmmaker Christopher Martin‘s feature-length war documentary Escape From Homs as producing partners.
Produced by London-based indie Arrow Media in association with Vice Films, the 90-minute docu-drama will chronicle the experiences of celebrated Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy in February 2012 as they attempted to cover the plight of Syrian civilians trapped in the war-ravaged city of Homs, Syria during the Arab Spring.
The film features exclusive interviews with those involved, woven together with never-before-seen footage, to provide an in-depth look into Conroy and Colvin’s journey into Homs, and Conroy’s escape from the war-torn city. Colvin was killed when the international media center was hit by Syrian Army artillery fire.
Escape from Homs is based on Conroy’s 2013 book Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment.
Following a theatrical run, History in the U.S. and BBC4 in the UK will provide Escape from Homs with its television premiere.  
Escape from Homs has been supported by A+E Networks for History Films, the British Film Institute with National Lottery funding and BBC4.
Executive producers on the film include Molly Thompson for History Films, Mary Burke for BFI, Emma Loach for BBC, and Eddy Moretti and Bengt Anderson for Vice Films. Arrow Media co-founder Tom Brisley serves as producer, with co-producers Danny Gabai and Michael Kronish.
History Films is part of the A+E Feature Films group, which includes the award-winning label A&E IndieFilms (City of Ghosts, Life, Animated, Cartel Land).
“The Siege of Homs was a living hell for civilians, and the bravery of journalists like Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy, who willingly step into the line of fire, is astonishing,” said Molly Thompson, senior VP of feature films at A+E Networks, in a statement.  “We are honored to be working with Chris and Arrow to tell Colvin and Conroy’s story.”
“Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy’s commitment to the truth, and to bearing witness to the suffering of ordinary people in Syria, in spite of the immense danger to themselves, is a testament not just to the true spirit of journalism, but also to the best of who we are,” added Martin.
“This is a story that needs to be told. From the moment Chris first talked about it, I knew it was something Arrow had to be involved in, because telling compelling and important stories is at the heart of what we do,” Brisley also added.

UK independent production company Arrow Media has secured re-commissions from US channel Investigation Discovery for two of the network’s highest rating shows, See No Evil and American Monster, enhancing its position as a leader in the true crime genre.
See No Evil, which launched in 2015, is one of Investigation Discovery’s most successful shows and will be returning for its fourth series in 2018. Produced with Canada-based production company Saloon Media, the 16x60’ series has also been recommissioned by Canadian French-language broadcaster Canal D and will reveal more shocking murder mysteries - one CCTV clip at a time.
In addition, Arrow is set to produce series three of American Monster (12x60’), which has also been greenlit by Investigation Discovery. The hit series uses original home movie footage to reveal the twisted double lives led by America’s most terrifying killers before they were finally apprehended. 
Tom Brisley, Arrow’s Co-founder & Joint Creative Director says: “Over the past few years we’ve built a really strong working relationship with ID. It’s been great to once again work with them to continue making exciting and captivating true crime content. Bit by bit the shocking truth behind some of the worst crimes ever committed are revealed using real footage from CCTV cameras and home movies to make every episode utterly compelling. We’ve brought our expertise as innovative storytellers to draw viewers in and immerse them in the worlds of these cases.” 
Tom Brisley serves as Creative Director and Sam Starbuck as Executive Producer on both series. Ash Potterton is also Executive Producer on See No Evil and Tom Keeling is Series Producer for Arrow while Michael Kot is Executive Producer for Saloon Media. Lucie Rideout serves as Series Producer for American Monster. 
Series four of See No Evil will be distributed internationally by eOne. 

Smithsonian Channel has renewed its hit series AMERICA IN COLOR, recommissioning UK based Arrow Media to produce six new hour-long episodes to air in 2018.

October 13, 2017
The series, which first premiered in July, presents iconic moments in U.S. history as never before seen – using artistry, an expert colorizing team and cutting-edge technology to transform black-and-white films and photographs into vibrant 4K color. In what is one of the most ambitious and expansive colorizing projects in television history, Arrow Media will painstakingly source new footage by scouring vast archives, forgotten family vaults and private collections to restore and digitize more than 27 miles of film.
Season one of AMERICA IN COLOR spanned the 1920s to the 1960s, from fascinating footage of illegal drinking in speakeasies during the 1920s, rare home movies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression and scenes of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor to Elvis Presley’s television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show and the Nixon-Kennedy debate.
Season two will take viewers on another visually stunning journey, shifting the focus from various decades to iconic thematic episodes in history, including:

Titans of Industry: The story of a rising generation of industrialists like Henry Ford and inventors such as Thomas Edison who came to tower over America, transformed the country and impact the global landscape. Their insatiable drive to innovate touches every aspect of American life and turned the United States into a behemoth – the most dominant economy in modern history.

Rise of the Mafia: In the 1920s America launched a moral crusade against vice -- but instead unleashed decades of criminality. Over 40 years shadowy figures like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello profited from America’s love of a good time. The underworld boomed with the country, a shadowy dark side to the American century.

The Wild West: The American West is a both a physical place and a potent myth. “The Wild West” will bring its legacy to life – the frontier, the conflicts and some of the inhabitants of America’s most legendary and harshest environments.

America at Play: This episode is a window into how Americans played and entertained themselves in the first half of the 20th century – from alligator wrestling to the birth of surfing in Hawaii ­­– and will reveal unexpected angles on big themes in American history, including class, race and money.

American Royalty: A handful of wealthy, powerful and interconnected families emerged to dominate the nation. This is the story of the families like the Rockefellers and the Kennedys, and the individuals who embodied the ultimate realization of the American Dream.

Hollywood’s Golden Age: Hollywood is one of the great American success stories. This is the story of the creation of the dream factory, and the light it shines on American society.

AMERICA IN COLOR is produced by Arrow Media and Smithsonian Networks. For Arrow Media, Tom Brisley serves as creative director, Nick Metcalfe serves as executive producer and Lucie Ridout is series producer. John Cavanagh, Charles Poe and David Royle are executive producers for Smithsonian Channel. Composite Films leads the colorization and restoration process for the series. The series is distributed internationally by Off the Fence.

 -Six-part Series Premieres Sunday, Nov. 5 at 10PM-

If you thought you were safe at home, think again! Wild creatures and other pests who should be living outdoors make their way into your house on Animal Planet’s new series, INTRUDERS.  The six-part series reveals real-life stories of homeowners fighting back to reclaim their homes when they’ve been invaded by snakes, over-run with rats, crawling with cockroaches and broken into by bears, among other invasions.  INTRUDERS premieres Sunday, Nov. 5 at 10PM.
Determined to make dwellings their own, creatures and pests gnaw, slither and smash their way in. First-hand story telling along with home videos and dramatic recreations tell the stories of those who fight through fear and the unknown to keep their families safe and take back their indoor and outdoor spaces.  No matter the outcome, home will never be the same again.
“Intruders is full of edge-of-your-seat drama, giving audiences an intimate look at homeowner’s worst nightmare. These are the ultimate can’t-look-away stories, told as only the people who lived through them can,” said Erin Wanner, Vice President of Production, Animal Planet. 
"Animal Planet is the perfect home for Intruders, a series packed full of compelling and dramatic stories that take place right at the intersection where the people and animal worlds collide,” said Howard Swartz, Executive Vice President of Development and Production, Arrow Media. 
INTRUDERS is produced for Animal Planet by Arrow Media where Nick Metcalfe and Howard Swartz and serve as executive producers. For Animal Planet, Lisa Lucas is executive producer and Patrick Keegan is supervising producer. 


2nd May 2017

Smithsonian Channel has commissioned Arrow Media to produce America’s Secret Space Heroes (6x60’).

Across six gripping episodes, America’s Secret Space Heroes tells the incredible stories of the last surviving engineers behind the most spectacular achievements in space. The stories, some of which have never been told on screen before, include the experiences of engineers who were challenged to create the world’s first reusable space vehicle: the Space Shuttle; the extraordinary story of the engineers who paved the way for the most complex structure ever built in space: the International Space Station; and the inside story of the telescope that nearly broke NASA: the Hubble Space Telescope – one of humanity’s most iconic engineering achievements.  

Each episode weaves together fascinating archive film with dramatic reconstruction and intimate, emotional interviews from the astronauts and the engineers who ultimately held their lives in their hands. Between them, they will relive the critical moments when they ventured into uncharted engineering territory and had to solve seemingly impossible challenges. Viewers will witness the sheer ingenuity and dedication that paved the way to reach these remarkable goals, from building the world’s first reusable rocket engines for the Space Shuttle (calculated all by hand), to collecting microscopic fragments of glass in a meticulous three month clean-up job inside the Lunar Module (after a window blew out during testing on Earth).

These are the stories of the unsung heroes who battled through years of unparalleled challenges to create some of the most incredible space structures ever built and the greatest engineering marvels known to mankind.

“Arrow has an extraordinary expertise in aviation and space, and they know how to capture the marvel in technology and the drama in moments of discovery,” says David Royle, Executive Vice President of Programming and Production, Smithsonian Channel. “In America’s Secret Space Heroes, they reveal the inside story of the geniuses who imagined and created the space program.”

Ash Potterton, Executive Producer, Arrow Media, adds, “Unearthing incredible stories is in our DNA, and America’s Secret Space Heroes is a testament to this. As we embark on a bold new era of space exploration, it is important to shine a light on those who went before us and enabled humanity’s first tentative steps to the stars. By showcasing some of the most iconic stories and projects in space engineering history, we hope that viewers will be both fascinated and inspired.”

America’s Secret Space Heroes was commissioned by Chris Hoelzl and David Royle at Smithsonian Channel. Arrow Media’s Tom Brisley serves as Creative Director with Ash Potterton as Executive Producer. The series will be distributed internationally by TCB Media as Engineering Space. Off the Fence has the rights to distribute the series across the UK, Caribbean and North, Central and South America. 
ID Commissions Arrow’s “Hear No Evil”

April 12, 2017

True crime network Investigation Discovery has commissioned the new six-part sister series Hear No Evil from UK indie Arrow Media.
Hear No Evil (pictured; 6 x 60 minutes) uses archive material and authentic audio recorded at the crime scene as captured by victims’ families, investigators and the killers themselves to reconstruct each unlawful act.
The show is a sister series to See No Evil, which uses CCTV as the central source material.
Each episode of Hear No Evil also features first-person testimony, dramatic reconstructions, video archive and computer graphics to complete the narrative that ultimately lead to murder.
“By building the series around audio rather than visual elements we are letting the viewer’s own imagination and instinctive fear of the unknown come to the fore,” said Tom Brisley, co-founder and joint creative director at Arrow Media, in a statement.
Arrow Media’s Brisley serves as creative director, with Sam Starbuck as executive producer and Tom Keeling as series producer. Investigation Discovery’s Liz Massie, meanwhile, is credited as executive producer.