19 February 2014






Arrow Media continues to grow its reputation as one of the UK's fastest-growing indies, with a commission from BBC TWO for Jumbo - the plane that changed the world. A major international co-production with Smithsonian Channel and Discovery Canada, the programme will air on BBC TWO and Discovery Canada as a 1X60 and will be broadcast on Smithsonian Channel in the U.S. as a 1x120 titled 747: The Jumbo Revolution.


Tom Brisley, Joint Creative Director, Arrow Media, says: "Arrow is renowned for getting high levels of access to stories with global resonance. We have a strong track record of bringing alive big stories in aviation, and there is no bigger story than that of the 747. The equivalent of 80% of the world's population has travelled in a Jumbo Jet, playing a significant part in shaping our world today. The Jumbo Jet gave us twin aisles, the first overhead lockers and so many other things that we now take for granted when we fly.  Hearing Joe Sutter, now in his 90's, the chief engineer who designed and built the original 747 tell us how he managed to create the jumbo in record time and against all the odds, is fascinating."    



Jumbo - the plane that changed the world comes from the same team that brought acclaimed documentaries Concorde: Flying Supersonic and Terror in the Skies to international screens. With rare access to the Boeing archive, this compelling documentary with its stories of passion, true grit and derring-do, brings alive the story of the plane that still turns heads, 45 years after it first flew.  It's a compelling story for audiences in the UK and around the world."


When the 747 first took to the skies in 1969 it heralded a new era in aviation.  Over twice as big as other planes, the Jumbo Jet became an icon and created a revolution that changed the world.   Jumbo – the plane that changed the world will tell the defining stories behind the Boeing 747, from its historical conception through to the fourth generation 747-8.  It will feature the incredible breakthroughs, turning points, triumphs and disasters; and the people involved with it – the pilots, pioneers, engineers, designers and passengers - whose real-life stories put the full scope of the story in context.


The programme Includes interviews with the people who lived and breathed the project, such as Joe Sutter, chief engineer of the Boeing 747 design team, Barry Latter, Boeing Propulsion Engineer, and Brien Wygle; the test co-pilot, who flew on the first ever flight of the Jumbo on February 9th, 1969.  Jumbo – the plane that changed the world was filmed at the 747 production plant in Seattle and includes stylised re-enactments of critical moments in the making of the 747, along with CGI and infographics to unpack the complex aircraft designs.  


Jumbo – the plane that changed the world tells the story of our changing world through the plane that played a major role in shaping it.


The writer and Director of Jumbo – the plane that changed the world is Christopher Spencer. The Executive Producers are Tom Brisley for Arrow Media and Alan Handel for Handel Productions. This programme is a UK/Canada treaty co-production with Handel productions.  


Jumbo – the plane that changed the world is distributed internationally by TCB Media.