Britain in Colour

RUNTIME: 60 min
BROADCASTER: Smithsonian Channel
DISTRIBUTOR: Off the Fence

Britain in Colour for Smithsonian Channel follows the hugely successful America in Color, now recognised as one of the network’s most iconic shows.

This ambitious new series received an exclusive world preview at MIPDoc 2019, in advance of its premiere on Smithsonian Channel in both the US and the UK.

David Royle, Executive Vice President and Chief Programming Officer, Smithsonian Networks, says: “America in Color has been a huge hit in the States and sold around the world. It’s one of the most ambitious colorising projects ever undertaken, and it transforms a gray and distant past into a cinematic experience. Now we are excited to be putting the color back into Britain’s 20th century history.

Britain in Colour will show the Britain of the past as it’s never been seen before. Arrow Media have uncovered a rich seam of rare footage, important in its own right, but made exquisite and accessible by painstaking research coupled with the skillful hand of the colouriser. We are thrilled to commission this very special series.”

Britain in Colour covers one of the most rupturing periods in Britain’s existence - from intimate film of Queen Victoria from the end of the 19th century, to the BBC's first colour broadcast in 1967. Arrow Media are recovering lost images of this period - of wars, depression and social revolution - and bring them freshly rendered to the TV screen. Britain in Colour follows three series of America in Color for Smithsonian Channel (totalling 17 hours of programming), as well as Australia in Colour (4 x 60 mins) for SBS made by Sydney’s Stranger Than Fiction Films in association with Arrow Media. All In Color series are distributed internationally by Off the Fence.