If I Can't Have You: The Jodi Arias Story

RUNTIME: 120 min
CATEGORY: Crime, Documentary

Arrow Media's two-hour special for discovery+ takes a new look inside the case that gripped America

Jodi Arias is a household name, synonymous with one of the most heavily covered murder cases of all time. When she was put on trial for the murder of Travis Alexander, Arias was villainized on television screens across the nation. From photos at the scene to Arias’ inconsistent story, all signs pointed to her guilt, until now. If I Can't Have You: The Jodi Arias Story grants viewers access to Arias’ personal diaries, unseen police interviews and exclusive testimony, and interviews with the defense, prosecution, and friends and family of those connected to the case.

This discovery+ original crime documentary crisscrosses through time, taking viewers from scenes of the trial, to Arias’ journal, to the first steps taken inside the crime scene after the murder occurred. Interwoven with interviews with Arias’ defense attorney, friends of Travis Alexander and family members of Arias, this special gives an intimate view of the tumultuous relationship that Arias and Alexander continued behind closed doors.

This two-hour asks: is Jodi Arias a sociopathic murderer, or is she a misunderstood woman who acted in self-defense? With incredible access to her personal diaries, viewers will see Arias in a way they never have before, either proving what they’ve known all along, or inciting new questions in the love-gone-wrong case that rocked the nation.