Arrow Media Secures First Commission From A&E

6 March 2024
Secrets Of The Hells Angels Exposes The True Cost Of Being A Member Of The World’s Most Infamous Biker Club

Arrow Media has secured the commission of a new eight-part series from A&E - its first from the channel - as part of the newest installment of the
network’s “Secrets Of” franchise.

Premiering Sunday, April 14 , the eight-episode series Secrets of The Hells Angels goes deep into the world of the most secretive and notorious biker club with access to former chapter presidents, undercover agents who risked their lives to infiltrate the group and others who witnessed the criminal activities firsthand speak out for the first time.

Under former leader Sonny Barger, the Hells Angels “brotherhood” expanded across the United States. With continued accusations of criminal activity, the biker club became known as a serious threat and not to be crossed. Secrets of the Hells Angels examines the history of the group of outlaws to uncover the organisation’s darkest secrets. With access to five former chapter presidents including Charles “PeeWee” Goldsmith, Thomas Eriksen, Pat Matter, Matt Zanoskar and George Christie alongside exclusive interviews with law enforcement officers, undercover agents, victims and more, it is revealed that the Hells Angels were a much more violent, devious, and highly organized group than anyone realised.

Each one-hour episode explores extraordinary stories such as the transformation of the Cleveland Hells Angels division from motorcycle club to murder club, an assassination plot to kill Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger as well as tales of drugs, violent attacks and rival biker wars. The series also features Sonny’s ex-wife, Noel Barger, who speaks for the first time about Sonny’s motives and reveals the secret truth that destroyed their relationship. The in-depth, never-before heard interviews, rare archival footage and exclusive content expose the club’s most guarded secrets and ultimately, the cost of being an Angel.

Stuart Pender, Executive Producer, Arrow Media, says: "The access to the former Hell's Angels Presidents is pivotal in telling this story, and along with the victims and their families the team at Arrow did an amazing job of navigating this highly sensitive access.

A&E has been a fantastic partner throughout the production process, and hugely supportive of the direction we have taken the series in. We are delighted to be working with its teams on what is our first commission with the network."

Secrets of the Hells Angels is produced by Arrow Media for A&E Network. Stuart Pender serves as an Executive Producer for Arrow Media. Elaine Frontain Bryant and Brad Abramson serve as Executive Producers for A&E Network. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights.

Secrets of the Hells Angels premieres Sunday, April 14 at 10pm ET/PT on A&E.