Arrow Media's Shark Attack 360 to Return for Second Season

6 June 2024
New eight-part series part of Sharkfest '24

Award-winning factual producer Arrow Media is excited to announce the launch of a new season of Shark Attack 360, an eight-part series that delves into the enigmatic world of shark behaviour. This thrilling series is part of National Geographic's Sharkfest 2024 and is set to premiere on National Geographic on July 2 at 10/9c, followed by a broadcast on Nat Geo WILD on August 1 at 5/4c. The show will also be available to stream on Disney+ and Hulu starting July 1.

Shark Attack 360 dives into the world of shark bites and investigates why they happen. An international team of experts hunts for clues, using evidence and personal accounts to unravel the mysteries behind shark behaviour. Cutting-edge VFX technology is used in the 360-shark lab to analyze data and understand, in forensic detail, the reasons behind shark attacks.

Nick Metcalfe, Executive Producer, Arrow Media, said: "Arrow Media is thrilled to have made a new season of Shark Attack 360 – continuing the signature forensic investigation into why sharks bite people, helped by the stunning VFX of our ‘360 lab’, hosted by marine biologist Diva Amon coming face to face with life-size virtual sharks. We dive deep into the fascinating science of shark behavior, investigating whether the full moon triggers shark bites or if great white sharks really are the ocean’s apex predator."

Arrow Media is renowned internationally across the factual landscape as a producer of innovative, world class content, including a raft of nature programming. The first six-part season of Shark Attack 360 premiered last year as part of Sharkfest '23 and this commission sees the company build on its relationship with National Geographic, following the hugely successful Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Across two seasons, the docu-series gives viewers a peek behind the curtain of the most-visited theme parks in the world to explore Earth's iconic animal kingdoms with Disney's dedicated and highly skilled animal care experts and veterinary teams as guides.

Premiere Dates:

  • National Geographic: July 2 at 10/9c
  • Nat Geo WILD: August 1 at 5/4c
  • Disney+ and Hulu: July 1